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BMKB Saya gets her st. Benedict Medal   Leave a comment

Saya is this blonde girl, superhero created by Keung Lee, main character of the book Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb.

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Camilo’s costume is mostly made out of niobium and graphene, it costs almost 1 million dollars and he doesn’t have that amount. So, to raise that money to produce the costume, he has signed up for National Samurai Warrior, a tv show where participants run on a circuit full of obstacles and that one who get into the final and win will get 1 million dollars. Camilo is crushing all the stages, but he won’t finish the final circuit. I’ll tell this story in a comic someday.

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Do you think this is Photoshop ?




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This time Camilo went to meet Jan Hardy once more to give him a st. Benedict Medal.

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Camilo is delivering another wooden st. Benedict Medal to a friend, this time it’s Adobe Kroger.





Ruby and Camilo   Leave a comment

Ruby got her st. Benedict Medal from Camilo Wallace, look !

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