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Camilo Wallace.


Camilo’s parents often let him on his grandparents’ home along his childhood, and they used to hear good music, so his brain built the right connections, it gave him a great sense of reality. Later, as an adult, Camilo sees an old manuscript which was exposed in a museum. Because of his brain connections, he is the only one who can read those weird symbols, and then he understands how to access hidden human abilities. Unfortunatelly (or not) no one can understand the meaning of that manuscript. He works as a ventriloquist, and carpenter as a hobby.

Ludwig Bonnet


Ludwig Bonnet, great magician, old friend and brother-in-law of Camilo.

Virginia Wallace Bonnet

Virginia Wallace Bonnet, the magician’s assistant. Camilo’s sister and Ludwig’s wife. She has great legs to help to mislead the audience attention on the magic tricks they do on their presentaions. On her free time, she keeps asking Camilo to take her on his flights, because this is something really really amazing.


The Kwesokunxele tribe
The Kwesokunxele tribe is a very primitive group of people who lives in the woods. They’re not much known, everyone who supposedly met them had disappeared. Kwesokunxele men have their ears cut off in very early childhood, as well as their head are shaved with a sharped boiled stone. The kwesokunxele women are kept on a leash and tied to the ground, or to a tree. When the women gets old and doesn’t get pregnant anymore they’re killed. Kwesokunxele tribe worships an imaginary creature that demands newborn sacrifices, so they seeks for couples from other cultures to maintain as prisoners and to have babies every year for the sacrifices.



Edwin Krugger, the communications’ tycoon (Melissa’s grandpa).


Melissa Krugger, young tennis player who never loses, never lost. Granddaughter of Edwin.


melissa_krugger_body_02.jpgMelissa is living a drama because she always wins, so everyone related to the tennis world knows who will be the champion when Melissa sign up on a tournament.









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