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National Samurai Warrior   Leave a comment

Camilo’s costume is mostly made out of niobium and graphene, it costs almost 1 million dollars and he doesn’t have that amount. So, to raise that money to produce the costume, he has signed up for National Samurai Warrior, a tv show where participants run on a circuit full of obstacles and that one who get into the final and win will get 1 million dollars. Camilo is crushing all the stages, but he won’t finish the final circuit. I’ll tell this story in a comic someday.

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Photo Photoshop on the air   Leave a comment

Do you think this is Photoshop ?




Adobe Krogergets her st. Benedict Medal   Leave a comment

Camilo is delivering another wooden st. Benedict Medal to a friend, this time it’s Adobe Kroger.





Ruby and Camilo   Leave a comment

Ruby got her st. Benedict Medal from Camilo Wallace, look !

You can back Ruby’s book here (it’s the last week!), follow her creator here and like the Fb page here:




Camilo’s fanart by Matthew Weldon   Leave a comment

I got a new fanart by the super anazing talented and generous Matthew Weldon. It’s Camilo Wallace with Versema (Weldon’s character), Regina Ragowski (Brian Ball’s character) and the rabbitt (Tim Lim’s character).

weldon 27sept2018 DoGIprkU8AIyhnp.jpg

Camilo assembling a new medal   Leave a comment





Versema, Regina, the rabbitt and Camilo   Leave a comment

Camilo is a gentleman.