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Camilo assembling a new medal   Leave a comment






Versema, Regina, the rabbitt and Camilo   Leave a comment

Camilo is a gentleman.




Bigfoot Bill gets his St. Benedict Medal   Leave a comment

Camilo Wallace meet Bigfoot Bill to give him a #StBenedictMedal. #comicsgate #superhero #StBenedict #flying #bigfoot #cryptozoo #Poseidon #Kraken #BigfootBill #CamiloWallace

Doug TenNapel is the creator of Bigfoot Bill.


Rainbow Brute Gets His Medal   Leave a comment

Camilo delivers a #stBenedictMedal to #RainbowBrute now.

Rainbow Brute was created by Ethan Van Sciver and will be colorized by Kyle David Ritter.




Brutas gets the st. Benedict Medal   Leave a comment




Camilo and Black and White   Leave a comment

Camilo has made another wooden st. Benedict Medal and this time it goes to the Black and White of Art Thibert.







Trump Space Force   Leave a comment

This is Trump from Trump Space Force, comic created by the great Timothy Lim.