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Graphene costume   Leave a comment

Superhero costume made out of graphene and niobium.
#graphene #niobium #camilowallace #movetheneedle #superhero #metalfabric #graphenesurface #sharkskin #fastskin #heatsink




arriving at the theatre   Leave a comment

Rough sketch of page 3 of the origin’s story. Camilo Wallace arriving at the thetre where she performs his ventriloquism show, but in a different day.



DIY calling   Leave a comment

It’s already online the comic “Do It Yourself”, see in the comics section or click here.






2 Pages Comics WIP   Leave a comment

Camilo fixes a church’s cross in this story, it has 4 pages. Here you can see 2 of them (not done yet).



Melissa back home   Leave a comment

Melissa Krugger get back home after put her plans on the run.


This sketch is linked to this one here.

The Best vs The Polite   Leave a comment

Here’s a comic of Melissa Krugger, the pre-professional tennis player who never lost, never loses.




best_vs_polite_rough_sketch   Leave a comment

Rough sketch of Melissa Krugger doing her magic. This will be a comic of 1 page.



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