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Camilo and Jack Irons   Leave a comment

Now Camilo gives a wooden medal of St. Benedict to Jack Irons, and you can see more of Jack here: Jack-Irons-The-Steel-Cowboy








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Lonestar and Camilo Wallace   Leave a comment

Let’s destroy cultural marxism.

Lonestar-and-camilo-wallace 3xforever.gif



Crux sacra sit mihi lux!   Leave a comment

Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Non draco sit mihi dux!
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2 ways to approach life   Leave a comment

 Like if you support Melissa Krugger.





Camilo vs leftists   Leave a comment

Camilo Wallace met the Kwesokunxele tribe and has discovered they aren’t peaceful people at all, they rape the women, torture and kill outsiders and sacrifices newborn children. After get back in civilization, Camilo gave an interview to tell what they really are, so a huge campaign managed by a famous NGO (and sponsored by rotten money) was created to  keep public opinion in wrong direction, spreading that Kwesokunxele culture is good and peaceful. Stupid and criminal people has begun a rally to fake they are the voice of the people screaming as pro-kwesokunxele, and here you see Camilo arriving from the sky to save the life of a police officer.




ugly souls vsthe good one   Leave a comment

Lazy people being envious of the other’s achievements and using lies to request free stuffs that will be paid by the others.