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Melissa Playing   Leave a comment

The girl who never lost, never lose, playing another match.




A Rose for Melissa   Leave a comment

Melissa Krugger gets a rose from Camilo Wallace.



Melissa Wins Again   Leave a comment

Melissa Krugger with her newest trophy.



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Melissa going back home   Leave a comment

Melissa Krugger going back home after the final match of her lastest tournament, and watching Camilo Wallace on TV.


An Ace   Leave a comment

Melissa Krugger playing while using her St. Benedict earings.



special day for this fan   Leave a comment

A very special day for this fan of Melissa Krugger.



Interview with Melissa Krugger   Leave a comment

Great reporter Kallyna Sabino interviews theĀ  tennis’ sensation Melissa Krugger, check it out:



Kallyna Sabino (with microphone) and Melissa Krugger

Kallyna Sabino:
You just won the World Junior White Eagle, the most important championship for your age, and also your first international championship in an unbeaten way, without losing a single set or game. It was a surprise?

Melissa Krugger:
Yes, a great surprise! It is not unusual for me to lose a game when I’m playing against professional men players, but actually losing a whole match I think is more than rare, it is something that never happened. Still, I did not think it would happen this way in this championship because it was my first international competition. I was a little nervous and such.

You never lost a game? Even as a child?

When I was a kid, I played better than the other children, it was easy to beat them all, and while playing with adults, they let me win. Even today, when I play against professionals, they have the kind of let the lady win the match.

You do not think they play for real and you win because you are better?

Really? When I play against professional men, it’is always a friendly match, I have the impression that they will let me win, I do not even much effort.

You’re saying you won a top 5 player in the world without effort?

I’m saying the kindness of others is what decides a friendly match. I’m about to become professional, soon I will know if I could win because I’m the better one or not.

You want to become a professional? And the studies, how it will fit with the routine of tennis?

It is perfectly possible to manage both. The problem would be only during the travellings, but it can be solved by teleconferences.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to shoot and go to ventriloquist shows.

You’re the first person in the family to play tennis?

No, we all played, but just me and grandpa played almost professionally. Grandpa did not get to be professional, but I intend to be.

What do you think of the statements of some players of your age who refuse to play against you?

I think they should do more and talk less.

How do you prepare before matches?

I do stretching, hear Echosmith and pray. I ask for St. Benedict’s protection.

Thank you, Melissa, good luck in their upcoming games.

I thank you, Kallyna, loved the interview. May St. Benedict protect you.