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Trump Space Force   Leave a comment

This is Trump from Trump Space Force, comic created by the great Timothy Lim.



Camilo by Mattew Weldon   Leave a comment

Amazing fanart I got from The PunchLine Comic, so beautiful ! Thank you so much, Mattman !





Camilo and Jack Irons   Leave a comment

Now Camilo gives a wooden medal of St. Benedict to Jack Irons, and you can see more of Jack here: Jack-Irons-The-Steel-Cowboy







Camilo and Regina   Leave a comment

Camilo Wallace is delivering a gift to Regina Ragowski, a very healthy redhead girl who fights against zombies. You can follow her at




Camilo’s workplace   Leave a comment

Camilo with some of his creations.


Flying Sparks   Leave a comment

Camilo Wallace is delivering another big medal of St. Benedict to a friend who apparently needs it.

Go check the Indiegogo page of Flying Sparks !




Cyberfrog and Camilo Wallace   Leave a comment

Camilo Wallace gives a wooden St. Benedict Medal to Cyberfrog.